Content Creation and Online Success.

There are over 1 billion host names online today, of which only a small portion is really successful (source : Netcraft, October 2014).  In fact, according to Netcraft, the number is growing really fast, and exceeded 1,028,932,208 host names as of now (10.10.2014). It is over 6 million websites more than a month ago. However, there are only over 178 million active websites.

A small portion of those sites makes any money online. It is even said that only about 3 percent are successful financially. When we look at the differences between the rich, middle class and poor people, we see a similar correlation. The richest 1 percent of people globally holds 46 percent of the world’s wealth (Source: Huffington Post). Research has shown that the successful take similar actions ( the “action mentality”); however, the same can be said about those who struggle (versus “lottery mentality”).

The successful websites are active; their owners are on the sites daily. The scenario that describes successful websites is quite often the same. A simple idea is one that solves a problem (PayPal: money transfer, the idea followed and built into a global business persistently)

When you take a successful website, like for example, and examine their beginnings, you see a simple idea followed by persistent action.

Successful Traffic Strategies

The successful online strategies are not complicated, or even well known, but people don’t apply them.

The successful online marketers do what they say. This is the whole point. Content marketing is really simple. The point is that the content you create needs to make sense, and it requires to be created manually.

What are the most essential pieces of content to create that bring traffic?

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Interviews
  • Images
  • Infographics

Which type of content/media is the best for your website or market? While checking the online websites, we see that websites with different types of content can be successful. Those that publish podcasts, add videos, have short or long articles, articles with images, or articles with infographics, interviews, etc can all achieve online recognition and conversions. It depends on the message and how you do what you do.

There are over … photos shared each day, videos

The best online marketers out there suggest publishing a mixture of those content types. When they publish an audio, there is also a download link below it, a written transcription, a pdf version of the transcription, an image or an infographic, and sometimes a video that follows the same sequence. There will be a video, and audio a text version of the text, an image, and a pdf transcription of the text. The mixture works well because people have their preferences about what they need. The mixture creates a good seo package that helps to rank your site online.

Some prefer to listen, some to read, or some to watch a video. If you prepare the same material in a few different formats, you satisfy many different needs.

The whole point is that your one piece of content satisfies all sorts of readers.

This way your audience grows.

The strategies of the successful and unsuccessful marketers : Content Creation

 It is widely known that only 2 percent of Internet marketers make money online. Why is that?

 Both work. But as the interviews about their strategies show, they do different things.

 Normal strategy applied by people who want to sell a product is:

Create a product and find a hungry crowd who wants to buy it.

However, the marketers who make money online, do something else.


The unsuccessful people describe their routines, focus, how they start and finish a project.

·         They focus on themselves,

·         on what interests them,

·         and have no idea what the group of people they write to, really needs.

·         They are in pain,

·         and desperate for results.

·         Because it seems to be so easy and fast, lack of results may mean only one: a wrong technique. So they jump from one money making technique to another, trying new programs…

Internet marketing seems to be very easy. There are countless online and offline resources teaching traffic, money making techniques, affiliate marketing etc. Gurus persuading you to buy right now. You can’t see them, and lying is easy. Earning a click from the search engines seems to be so quick. No need to go to a store, just from the comfort of your home, they click and a sale are made.

But in reality, to make a sale, you need to earn that click.

most of the internet users trying to make money online, write posts, create courses, products, interviews, no one really wants to read or spend money on. There are no comments below the articles. Sometimes, after a few months, when the content quality improves, and the writer understands his responders better, they start showing up. And the relationships start to catch on.

And the real journey begins.

Internet is where relationships start to matter most.

Here is the clue to what among other factors, differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful marketers.

Content. The quality of content provided. (I would say that it is ok if you repeat the information provided by the leaders you learn from, but make a twist, digest it and give some new insights. When I read blogs, or listen to the podcasts, I hear the same old stuff said in a new way.

Sometimes after hearing something hundred times we finally understand it and are ready to take action. )

Content that answers the questions people in your market have.

Targeted Web Traffic Hidden Secrets – 1 Minute Domination Strategy

Have you ever felt like a paparazzi while trying to learn something highly Profitable…from the experts? As if…you were just taking the strategies from those who have tested them over and over again…?

The successful strategies are the playgrounds for your own success..

simply because we learn by observing, implementing what works, and taking the results of others to the next level.

Imagine a story:

A person starts an Internet Marketing career. The successful marketers tell him how easy that is. And it is easy… but only once the person knows how to sell, how to generate Targeted Web Traffic. Perhaps you know such person, maybe you have a friend that is an internet marketer, or a family member. When that person falls into the trap of easy online marketing money… the end of the story may be dramatic…

But it doesn’t need to be that way.
Instead, with a little guidance nearly everybody can start breaking one’s personal records.

There are a few secrets to becoming successful online, but It has to be made clear- no magic formulas. The systems… you may have heard about work usually for the creators only… simply because we are all different, and do the things differently.

Before I tell you about the first secret to getting Targeted Web Traffic, I want to ask you a few questions:

* Does your website need more visitors?
* Do you have a successful plan for promoting your website?
* Has your blog been discovered by potential investors yet?
* Does your site rank Really Well in Google searches for a particular keyword? Is it on the first page of Google for that keyword?
* Do you have a strong position in your market? Are you considered an authority?
* Are you getting a continuous stream of visitors to your website?

Why questions…? They shows you the areas to work on…if you want to become a money making machine. If you answered No to any of them, you may already know the results of your actions on the Internet.

The First Big Conclusion: The small things are often behind the great changes…

The strategy you are about to discover has helped many internet marketers stop worrying about the low number of visitors to their websites and start to enjoy their business. It has proven itself to be a great tool but it has not been available to a wider audience.

The Second Big Conclusion: The Obvious Massively Successful Strategies, are Often Ignored.

Why? people often think that there are magic formulas, that solve the problems, create successful stories. So they search for them, and do not even bother to be consequent, or do the ugly obvious actions.

When… the obvious actions are massively successful. You are about to discover one of those strategies. Why am I telling you about it here, on this welcoming article sharing platform? yes, I want you to come to my blog, and become my devoted friend… but most of all, the more successful you are…the greater the competition for me, and the stronger I become finally.


It’s time for you to start using it.

When you create a blog, or any website, and want to have visitors and hopefully buyers, you need Targeted Web Traffic. We said it before. You do it by letting other people know about you site. You need to have your website on the first page of Google for specific keywords.

So…what is the 1-minute Domination Strategy?

The Super Successful technique me and other Internet Marketing experts are talking about is called Blog Commenting.

If you know how to do it, it will take you the minimum amount of time to do it…

This technique is both nice-relationship building and very very effective.

But, There are some important words that need to be said about it. If you want your Blog Commenting to be Super Traffic Generating, just know this simple facts.

1. Know what kind of blogs to choose
2. Be sure to leave your comments on the blogs that benefit yours- do-follow and no-follow

3. Do not spend too much time on it- that is the major rule.

Network Marketing Opportunities – 5 Must Have Tips for Newbies

Network Marketing Opportunities are truly amazing, if you know how to use them.

MLM Companies are attractive but…

Listen to my story. It happened two years ago.

I have also tried an MLM company. I paid a lot of money, purchased my account. It was a firm based in India, and connected with personal development, a huge success over there. They gave me a website that was meant to help me promote it. The only trouble was…that the website was given to hundreds and thousands of people, who wanted to participate in the company, just as I did.

And there was the problem. Earn money, and use the tools that everybody else uses, and at the same time be smarter than them. Through my months of pain and struggle I figured out what to do.

I am going to present it to you in a minute…but first have a look at those statistics ( those facts will be important later on):

There were 47 million new websites created in 2009! And there were 1.73 billion Internet users worldwide (September 2009)! That was months ago! Europe has a population of 813,319,511 people and 475,069,448 of them are Internet Users! In North America there are 344,124,450 people and 266,224,500 of them are Internet Users! That’s more than half of the population.

and what happens in 2010?

According to The Internet World Stats there are 1,966,514,816 Internet Users Worldwide. (Internet Usage Statistics are for June 30, 2010). Google Internet Stats says that For Christmas 2010, it is predicted that £6.4 billion will be spent online, up from £5.5 billion in December 2009.

There were 768,913,036 registered websites on July, 2010 (

The differences are huge…and the numbers will be growing.

When you see how many people use the internet every single day, and how many new sites are created…it might be overwhelming at first, but then, looks like a crazy opportunity.

MLM business is all about connections.

People, new friendships. And it is the first step of the successful guide I created:

1. Have a goal of meeting a new person every single day, and befriend them.

2. When you promote your network marketing company, invite someone new to participate, and describe the history of the firm.

3. Continue the relationships with the people, on a regular basis.

4. Teach your listeners to do the same thing.

5. Develop your mlm’s website potential.

And it is where the story begins.

Traditional ways of finding new partners for your mlm business, are slow and very time-consuming. But when you have a nice-looking website…you have a perfect partner that will do the work for you. The audience is great.

Do you remember the facts that we mentioned earlier?

When you build a website, you should concentrate on two major issues- content and traffic to it. The first one- content, you can do by yourself. You write articles, post videos, write the history of the firm. But the second part should be done by somebody else. This side of your MLM Internet business is all about being recognized. To do that you create links to your site and blog commenting is one of the best methods to help you achieve that. Yet the blog commenting technique is not widely known or used, except by successful internet marketers and internet entrepreneurs who, not coincidentally, are generating big profits. By using blog commenting, you make new friends, and build the strength of your website.

And it means that your business can only grow! Blog commenting is truly a superior technique for building high quality backlinks, now is the time to jump in and start using it before everybody else does. If you would like to learn more about creating a solid background of your MLM Business and really using the Network Marketing Opportunities plus growing your business at the same time, visit my help-centre for building backlinks Link Building Service. The strategy we offer has helped our clients stop worrying about the low number of visitors to their websites and start enjoying their business.

Thank you, Nicole Powel