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Most Commonly Asked Questions



1. I want to place a repeat order. Are the comments placed on different pages as my previous order?
It is important to us to deliver the best quality links to our customers, we avoid double posting your links on the blog pages

2. I would like to customize my order. I am interested in buying links. Do you approve such orders?
Yes. We will be ready for deliver greater quantity of links, and the price will be adjusted, the larger the package the lower the price is.

3. Are the blogs used for commenting on, relevant to my site?
If you purchase packages of 200+ blog comments, the niches may be taken at random, meaning that your niche is included.

4. Will I be receiving a proof after the completion of the job?
Yes, a detailed report will be provided after your order has been completed.

5. I am interested in the bigger packages. What are the PRs of the pages that the comments are left on?
The packages that are greater than 100 blog comments : The comments are left on the blog pages with PR 0-5. Many of those pages are of PR 0 or n/a (at that particular moment), but once the links get cached, and by the next PR update, you will be amazed with the results. And the PR of the blog pages will go up in page rank.

6. Can you build links to internal pages as well?
Yes, when we create the bigger packages of links (100+) we build the links for both your internal pages and the homepage.

7. What will happen when any of the links get deleted?
The success rate is higher than 98%.

8. Can you build comments for non-English sites?
Yes, we promote non-English sites as well.

9. I have a new website, that is one month old. Can your service be used on it?
Yes, and we recommend the smaller packages, up to 100 links per month.

10. Are the orders kept confidential?
Yes, your order is confidential. The privacy of our clients is our prime concern.

11. Are the links created on the pages that are actually read by the visitors, or is it just for the search engines?
We build our links on High PR pages, but we also place them on the blogs that help you achieve higher google rankings for our clients.

12. Do you offer alternate forms of payment (aside from credit card)?
At this stage, we accept credit cards as the prime method of payment. Security of our clients is our prime concern.

13. Are you safe and secure?
Yes, we use PayPal secure payment channel.

14. Do I have to set up an account to buy?
No, You are advised to use your PayPal account.

15. Do I get to review my order before we transact?
Yes, you will have a chance to review your order and decide whether you want to complete the purchase or go back to Backlinks Market store to show more.