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How Backlinks Market Works

  • Our major Goal and Why You Need to Read This

    When we work with our clients, we treat them as our partners. We want to see their websites on page one of Google for the specific keywords that have been chosen. Every time when this goal is achieved, we reward our team- our clients and ourselves. We reward you for being persistent, goal-oriented and success driven. You receive a special bonus package, it might be a compilation of SEO eBooks, of high value, or a package of Backlinks. The ability to have fun is so essential, at our company we make sure that it is well respected!

  • Specifying What You Need

    Our Link Building Service offers three types of packages:

    1. - Automatic Blog Commenting, dofollow, Page Ranks 0-5, (often 0 or n/a when Google updates the Page Ranks of all the websites)
    2. - Manual Blog Commenting, dofollow, high Page Ranks 0-6
    3. - SEO Packages

    You can buy them as one-time purchases or on a monthly basis.

    When you decide which product you want to choose, and whether you want to try our service out  first, or invest in the development of your website on a monthly basis, you will be taken to a PayPal secure check out site. You can stop your monthly subscription any time you choose, and the product that you paid for will be completed on time and a detailed report delivered to you. Your security is guaranteed by PayPal.

  • Your Domains

    When you complete your purchase, you will be guided back to our Backlinks Market store. There you will be asked to provide us with the domain or domains that you want the links to be built for. Plus send us the keywords that you want to be promoted as an anchor text. Depending on the package you will be asked to send us also the links for deep linking ( internal pages of your domain).

    A Brief Description:

    1. - SEO packages- one domain per package maximum.
    2. - Automatic Blog Commenting- depending on the number of links included in the package, at least one main domain and multiple subdomains
    3. - Manual Blog Commenting- one domain per package

    ( you will find it explained in detail in the description of every product)

  • Your Keywords

    The number of keywords that you should choose for promoting your website is relevant to the size of the package. From 10( SEO Packages) up to multiple ( Automatic Blog Commenting).

    If you need any assistance with choosing the best phrases for your project, we will help you do the research and find the right keywords to promote your website.

    You may send us a picture that you want to be attached to the blog comments created for your project. This small, yet extremely powerful detail, makes the comments far more attractive to the readers of the particular blog posts. As a results, thanks to those links, your site receives more visitors.

  • Completion of Your Project

    When those steps are fulfilled, we will work on your project, build high quality backlinks, that will supercharge your website. The project will be finished within the time frame unique to every product type. ( find it  precisely specified in the product description on the product page).

    Once it is completed, a detailed report will be sent to you showing you the links created for your project.

  • Contact Us

    If you have any questions, just contact us. We are here to help you achieve your results, and find total confidence in the world of Internet.